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How To Do Eyelash Extensions- Individual Lashes FULL TUTORIAL (Quick, Detailed, and Easy)

Eyelash Extension Training!

One of the BEST Lash Extensions tutorials to help beginner Lashers! understand Lashing more in depth! Enjoy ?

This video is a free place method! Direction and mapping is not exercised!! This is a simple way to practice application 1:1 for beginners, as you practice you will get more comfortable and confident and begin focusing on direction and mapping. Don’t be discouraged move at your pace and continue to strive to get better! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE ?

Due to me using the swipe then place method for glue I like to have a bulb at the bottom of my extension to spread along the lash. This is one way to do it. If your aren’t swiping less glue should be used‼️

*This video was created for entertainment to give a visual of the lashing process. Training is VERY necessary to learn the importance of reactions, infections, consultations, sanitation and so much more! We offer online, private, group, and salon training!*


Common Questions:

What is eyelash extension training?
Training of semi-permanent single strand and volume fan false lash application covering safety, professionalism, and more.

Is Eyelash Extension Training Worth it?
Absolutely! Working near eyes is serious so proper training is necessary!

How much is eyelash extension training?
Trainings vary in price ranging from $600-$1500. Our training comes with a kit, training manual, certifications, and we offer online training so you can train at home from anywhere, (online training is available in all languages.)

How long is eyelash extension training?
Length of training varies, we offer accelerated 1 day courses, to professional development 8 week courses.


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