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(32) Cosmetology: Facial Theory for state board

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(9) Cosmetology: Skin Structure and Function

(8) Cosmetology: Anatomy: Circulatory System

(7) Cosmetology/2, Anatomy: Nerves

(6) Cosmetology/2: Muscles, Myology, Anatomy

(5) COSMO/2 CLASS: Anatomy- Skeletal System, Osteology

(4) COSMO/2 class: ANATOMY- Tissues, Organs, Systems

(3) Cosmo 2 Class: Anatomy: Cells

(2) Cosmo 2: Soft Curl Permanent Class

(1) Cosmo:2 Class: Chemical Relaxers: Types, pH, Lanthionization, Safety

To pass the written part of the state board exam for cosmetologists and skin care therapists/estheticians, beauty school students, and esthetician class students to get their esthetician license or cosmetology license. Includes the written theory in a power point form about types of facials: preservative and corrective facials; facial equipment and their uses: steamers, suction and spray machine, galvanic machine and the positive and negative electrodes, Tesla high frequency machine, facial towel wormer and sanitizer, massage brushes ; and the effects of massage and massage movements: effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration and friction. Learn about the supplies used in massage: cleansers, scrubs: physical scrubs and chemical scrubs, enzyme peels, microdermabrasion, and many exfoliates like modelage masks and gomage. Learn about client consultation; client record card and client questionnaire. Learn about what is needed to be a good skin care therapist. Basic facial procedure is also included. Video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.


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