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How to Make: custom/handmade wispy strip lashes| DIY very detailed Fiercemf


Hi, I wanted to share a mapping that I created & love! I would never want to sell lash maps because I think it’s something that can so easily be shared. I only ask if you recreate to tag me on IG @Fiercemf. Send to lash artists or those thinking of becoming a lash artist. I believe anyone can do this outside of the lash world but I’d suggest taking a course.

List of Supplies w/ links:

Fad lash 0.07 D & 0.05 D 8-14mm mix tray & 15mm tray (you can use the 0.05 or 0.03 for the closed fans instead of Lashes by Kins since they are a lot more expensive but are essentially the same. I just ran out of 0.05
Tdance 0.18 CC 14-19mm mix tray –

Practice lashes-

Glue Aid-
you can also use their primer, its cheaper


Micro swabs-

Mascara wands-

Glue rings-

Seal the deal-

Marble tile-

Tweezers- (These are really up to you but I find these particular ones work for me)


ultrasonic cavitation machineultrasonic cavitation machine

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