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Leaving the Treatment Room? AM + PM Esthetician Skincare Routine, What I Eat (Vlog)

Hi! So I think I have to state the obvious.. this pandemic has been one of the toughest times for me and for many estheticians and others directly affected by it. In this vlog I will discuss why I’m making the choice I’m making- but don’t give up on me! There is MUCH more ahead for me in esthetics and I cannot wait to share the process with you!!!

Please do not allow my choice to discourage you in any way. Again, I had to make the best choice for me and my health. If you only want to watch this part for the annoucement, it starts around the 45 minute mark (i know– I need to work on making shorter vlogs!!)

Please let me know if you like this video and ask any questions you may have! ALL MY LOVE, Tess

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If you’re new, i would love if you introduced yourself and let me know what you hope to do in your career! love you all so much, you’re a big part of my why.


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