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Step by Step: How to curl SHORT STUBBORN STRAIGHT ASIAN LASHES with curler | Beginners Guide

[DIAGRAMS INCLUDED] It’s a new week – sharing a step-by-step basics guide on how to curl your lashes using an eyelash curler for long and natural looking lashes (things most of us asian girls don’t have….). SO ALL UR SHORT STRAIGHT STUBBORN LASHES ASIANS GIRLS, HOLLA HERE! Look forward to part 2 next week as i share how to make these curled out lashes EVEN LONGER. (subscribe pls THXXXXXX).

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Majolica Majorca eyelash curler

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Grace & Mercy by Mr. Chase –
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✰ YJ’s valedictorian speech for u
Hello!! My name is Ying Jie (its difficult to pronounce i know) so you can call me YJ instead! Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoy the kind of content I create! Please feel free to share with me what other #asianwoes you experience in the comments section!

PSA: Asians do get mental blocks and brain farts.
PSA2: Asians are also humans.
be nice if not i’ll ask my mom to whoop u with a feather duster
i’ve been whooped & u’ve been warned

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