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How to apply strip lashes with 5 easy steps

A short step by step guide how to apply your Dark Swan of Denmark lashes.

❗️ Apply false eyelashes as the last step of your make up routine.

❗️ You can apply mascara on your natural lashes first if you want. To maximise the number of uses never apply mascara on the false lashes.

❗️ Use an eyelash curler before and after applying false eyelashes for a blended result.

❗️ Use an eyeliner to draw a line above and under your lash line to hide any gaps before applying lashes. And don’t forget to touch up with eyeliner after application as well for a flawless finish.

Step 1. Gently remove lashes from the box, pull from the lash band using tweezers.

Step 2. Measure the lashes to the correct length of your eye (false lashes should start a little away from the the inner corner of your eye, this way it is more comfortable to wear and looks more natural). Trim any excess from the outer side of the false lashes to keep their natural shape.

Step 3. Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue on the lash band, then wait about 20 seconds before applying false lashes. (With a new pair of lashes, applying two thin layers of adhesive and letting it dry each time helps for a stronger hold).

Step 4. Use eyelash applicator or with your fingers and apply the false eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Place lashes in the middle or in the inner or outer corner of the eye first, then adjust accordingly. (You have time to adjust before lash adhesive dries completely so the first placement does not need to be perfect). Make sure the entire lash band is glued onto your skin by holding the lashes and pressing against your skin and secure both ends.

Step 5. Touch up with your eyelash curler and eyeliner for a flawless look. Finished!

Lashes used in the video is “Ethereal” soft silk lashes.
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