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GENIUS Magnetic Lash Trick!! Ardell Magnetic Lashes hack

Hey Y’all!! I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried magnetic lashes and wanted to fall head over heels.. but ended up tripping and staggering and falling flat on my face instead! They whispered sweet nothings to me with the sleek videos where they just effortlessly snap these beauties right on their eyes.. and viola, no glue, flirty feathery lashes in an instant! So… I bought them… got them home.. and tried for over an hour to get “instant” fake lashes, without the minute and a half gluing step. WHAAAAAAAAAA??? The first 3 minutes of this video confirms this… THEN we get smart! Watch this video for a modified hack! Ardell has a video on their Instagram that shows how to cut the lashes into 6 pieces EACH… well.. to me that is a lot of little feathery pieces to keep up with… (this coming from the girl who once stuck my lashes to a diet dr. pepper can and caused my mom to run shrieking through the family dinner screaming that a tarantula had a hold of her!)…. so I don’t need to try and keep up with 6 chunks of lash per eye… so watch my video and see what I did!

Me and Ardell Double Wispies are OFFICIALLY head over heels Ya’ll!!!

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