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Facial Contouring VS Jaw Surgery – The Difference | Seoul Guide Medical

Lower Jaw Surgery:
Mandibular Osteotomy, or Lower Jaw Osteotomy, is a surgical procedure that aims to mobilize the mandible to correct an anomaly in its position. The mandible may be too far forward (mandibular prognathism), too far behind (mandibular retrognathism), or deviated (right or left mandibular deviation). The mandibular osteotomy corrects these various anomalies. The procedure also brings an improvement to the overall harmony and aesthetics of the face, both in front and side view.

V-Line surgery:
Using this method, the chin can be placed forward or backward to create a better profile. In V-Line surgery, an incision is made inside the mouth along the lower gum line first and the tip of the chin is resected with one horizontal and two vertical cuts that together resemble a T-shape. To further reduce the length of the chin, another horizontal cut can be made. The central bone fragment is removed and the remaining bones are fixed together using a titanium plate and screws or dissolvable materials. The lower jawline is then trimmed to create a smooth line. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a mandible angle resection.

Zygoma Reduction:
Cheekbones are an important element that determines the contours of the face. Excessively prominent cheekbones make your face look fierce and wide. Zygoma (or Cheekbone) reduction is a procedure involving the reduction of the zygomatic bone and arch, to reduce the overall facial width. The Zygoma is fractured and pushed back. The fractured cheekbone circumference is carefully trimmed and rotated to bring a more natural cheekbone reduction effect. This procedure requires a precise skill level and only the highest qualified doctors can successfully perfect it.

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