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How To Remove Tan – Sun Tan Removal & Skin Lightening Treatments

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How To Remove Skin Tan?
In this video, Dr Ravali Yalamachili, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic, is explaining skin tanning, commonly affected areas of the body, different tan removal treatments, prevention tips and more!

If you are living in India, you are familiar with hot, dry/humid weather. It can affect your skin adversely, making it darker than usual. Excessive sun exposure, without any proper care, can result in tanned skin and even sunburn.

Sun Exposure – It is the primary reason for getting tanned skin. The following body areas are most prone to getting sun tanning
1. Face
2. Forehead
3. Arms
4. Legs and feet
5. Neck
6. Lips

Without the right kind of sun protection, you can get tanned almost immediately, and it will worsen over time.

Know About Sun Tanning – In order to understand why we tan, we need to understand the basics of sunlight. There are two types of ultraviolet rays in the wavelength – UVA, and UVB.
UVA causes increased pigment production as these rays can penetrate deep into the skin, whereas UVB causes inflammation of the surface layer of the skin. Tanning indicates a damaged skin condition. Here are a few more signs associated with it:
1. Darker skin color
2. Uneven skin tone
3. Dark Spots
4. General dullness

How to Prevent Sun Tanning?

When it comes to tanning, one should always follow, ‘prevention is better than cure’! For sun protection, one can liberally use a sunscreen with SPF 30 and reapply it once in three hours. You should wear sunscreen even if you are indoors. Over-the-counter tan removal solutions such as creams, face washes, and face packs are also available; however, their effect is always questionable.

How To Remove Sun Tan? – Best Tan Removal Treatments

People usually believe that tanning is easily reversible; however, it demands both time and patience. It can take anywhere between three and six months to treat deeply tanned skin and restore your original skin tone.

1. Chemical Peels – Chemical Peels are plant-based extracts that help in quick exfoliation of the upper layers of the dark and tanned skin. You will see results after 1-2 sessions of the treatment, and you can sustain them by following post-care instructions. Depending on the severity of sun damage to your skin, your dermatologist will decide the number of sessions you will require. Doctors use a chemical peel to treat mild to moderate cases of tan.

2. Laser Toning – This is one of the most effective treatments for tan removal. It is a two-phased laser treatment, which the dermatologist will perform in conjunction with a carbon emulsion application. The first phase helps in clearing the pores and the second phase induces collagen production by removing the damaged layers and breaking the pigment deposits. You will see an improvement in your skin tone immediately after the first session, with the results improving as the treatment advances.

You can easily maintain the results of these procedures by using sunscreen every few hours.

Can You Remove Skin Tan Instantly?

While there are several claims, there is no instant solution to this skin condition. Over time and under the guidance of dermatologists, you will be able to see a visible reduction in tan, and you will regain your original skin tone. However, the results are always incremental, and you must take the full course of treatment. Do not believe in the quick tan removal solutions.

Does a fairness cream help to remove tan?

The results of any fairness product or skin whitening creams/lotions are subjective and questionable. Any OTC products can at best provide a mild to temporary effect. The lack of knowledge in people makes them vulnerable to using the wrong products. Further overuse of these products can worsen your condition as they may contain harmful substances.

Why do DIY methods have a limited effect on the tan?

Most DIY solutions are not customized based on individual skin type, they are not proven medically to be effective, and most importantly, when you reside in bigger cities, your skin care needs are complex. So in most cases, natural solutions do not work.

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