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Dermatologist vs. MASTER Esthetician! | Which one do you need and what's the difference??

Have you ever heard us talk and wondered to yourself what a Master #esthetician actually is? Have you ever wondered what the difference between an esthetician and a #dermatologist actually is? What about a #holisitic esthetician vs. a regular esthetician? Well, count your lucky stars because today we’re going to go over the differences and how they affect your skin’s treatment.

We use the term Master Esthetician a lot, but in the world of #esthetics there is actually no technical definition between a regular esthetician and a master esthetician. Master Esthetician is a term that we coined, or at least most frequently use, because of the additional rigor we put ourselves and our employees through. Peaches employees are required to undergo months of additional training that exposes them to situations and techniques that are not taught in #cosmetology or esthetics school. Our training process was developed by Lisa and is comprised of many of the techniques, processes, and skills that were taught to her by celebrities and high-end, luxury estheticians throughout the years.

There are quite a few additional differences that we will highlight in the video, but one of the things we want you to know is that much of what you can get done in a dermatologists you can accomplish naturally with an esthetician. Not all estheticians are holistic, another difference we will highlight, but many are and there’s a lot of benefits to be gleaned by going down the natural route!

Let us know your experience with #skincaretreatments and how you’ve reacted to both dermatologists and estheticians! Which do you prefer?!


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