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Licensed Esthetician's Morning Skincare Routine | Morning Skin Conversations

Heyyyyy! It’s Lolo. I’m a licensed esthetician and organizational psychologist. The first thing people typically notice about me is my skin. It was always a natural gift until it wasn’t. Just know, this butterscotch golden brown bronzed up glow doesn’t come from products alone. It became a journey and I’m sharing all of that with you. It starts with proper assessment and a treatment plan. My mental health, what I eat, and how I live all plays a role.


I’m starting off with my morning wake up skincare routine. Due to COVID-19, it feels like we have been in quarantine for such a long time. There is a new normal that we all have to adjust to and my skin has been a reflection of many influencing factors such as diet, environment, and stress. We’re making our own meals, trying to follow at-home workouts and resting our minds when we need it.

I explain the importance of knowing ingredients and how I don’t rely on specific brands to reach my skincare goals. It’s a process and sometimes our skin isn’t perfect, but if we are properly equipped, we can reclaim our GLOW!


Special Endnotes about:
– Breakouts around hairline perimeter when using oily hair products
– Tea Tree Cleanser notes.
– What is the purpose of Melanin?
– Vitamin C Serum + Sensitivities
– Why I don’t exfoliate in the morning.

Oil cleanse – nourishing, clarifying bergamot and rosemary oil – purifying, uneven skin texture; massage lightly
Aloe Toner – hydrate and soothe any sensitivities
Rose Hydrosol Serum – moisturize with a light, breathable serum


Aloe + Charcoal Cleanser – cleaning bacteria, sweat and toxins away; let it sit for 45-60 seconds
Rosewater Toner – restore pH balance
Rose Hydrosol Serum – Nothing heavy in the humid environment where I live
Sunscreen – ALWAYS

Keep it light and easy! You don’t need to be a product junkie boo.



I will be sharing skincare tips, experiences from beautiful places, hacks for renewed vitality, and remixed yummy eats. This is where I welcome you to laugh and have fun while focusing on being a positive social change agent as we’re growing and pouring into ourselves.

I look forward to having more conversations with you! Let’s talk about it!


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