Hydrafacial machine for saleHydrafacial machine for sale

How to Use Multiple Facial Steamer Machines, Step by Step Tutorial, for Business or At Home Use.

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Hello everyone, in this video, I will be showing you how to operate some of the best and most used facial steamers in the Medi-spa’s, Dermatology offices, corporate facial chains, Destination spa’s, Cruise ships, and Plastic Surgeons offices or esthetics industry. Please keep in mind that, I’m fully aware that there are several facial steamers on the market, and they are futuristic and very expensive, but this video will only show you the facial steamers that, I personally use in my mobile business. No more wondering how to use multiple facial steamers, your school most likely trained you on old and outdated facial steamers, or your school may have prepared you on an up-to-date facial steamer, but they still have not taught you how to use multiple steamers. In the real world, your employer will expect you to be already trained on the basic functions of multiple steamers, because the crappie steamers that you used in school will not be the same steamer, each place of employment will have easy to complex facial steamers so this video will prepare you for the real esthetics field.


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