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False lashes tutorial for beginners: how to apply

Hello and welcome to my False Lashes 101 tutorial for beginners where I’ll share with you my tips and tricks on how to apply false lashes. If you’re wondering how to choose your falsies, I’ll demonstrate you what results you can get with 4 popular shapes from MAC (the best sellers in France). I review the following models:

#20 Demi Lahes – great for most eye shapes. They visually lift the outer corners (perfect for droopy eyes) creating that Cat Eye effect. I usually trim them a bit on the outer corners 🙂

#7 Pointed Lashes to create eternally flattering Babydoll look. Great for both big and small eyes.

#33 Lashes in separate bundles – didn’t do much for me, but they are very well reviewed all over the Internet by girls with shorter natural lashes

#4 Wispy lashes – the most dramatic and glamorous ones.

#36 were NOT mentioned/shown in this video, but they are my new favorites! They are similar to #4, but they are shorter in the inner corners and longer in the outer corners, just what I was looking for 🙂

+ MAC DUO Adhesive (glue) that dries to clear.

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