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How To: Eyebrows Tutorial For Mature & Unshapely Brows| Charlotte Tilbury

Get luscious, fuller looking eyebrows in just a few small strokes. Charlotte Tilbury demonstrates how to shape eyebrows with the Legendary Brows pencil for those with mature and unshapely brows. In this video, Charlotte used Legendary Brows in shade Linda.

Legendary Brows is an instant miracle precision brush and sculpt gel, inspired by starlets and supermodels.

Steps to Apply:
1. Hold your brow lift at the base of your nose vertically. That is where your brow should start.
2. For the legendary arch, keep the end of the brow lift at the base of your nose and tilt until it crosses the pupil of your eye.
3. To finish, move the brow lift diagonally until you reach the outer corner of your eye. That is where your brow should end.

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