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Hyperpigmentation in Black Skin – BLACK Esthetician -Melasma, PIH and Dark Spots / PART 1

Hyperpigmentation in Black , Dark or Deep Skin tones is a major skin concern. In this video i talk on the causes and types of hyperpigmentation. I also explain how melanin is formed and distributed in the skin and why black , dark or deeper skin tones are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation.
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Time Stamps
01:02 -What is Hyperpigmentation ?
01:06- Causes and types of Hyperpigmentation
02:34- How Sun /UVA causes Hyperpigmentation
06:20- Melanogenesis- how Melani is formed.
13:05 – Why Hyperpigmentation is worse on Black / Deeper skin tones

.Importance of Skin Color in Skincare –

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