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3D Brows Tips & Tricks Microblading Hair Patterns | Online Microblading Training

3D Brows instructor Jenny Stott demonstrates drawing European Hair Stroke Patterns on paper as part of our featured microblading course. This is one of 3 main hair patterns we introduce to our permanent makeup students.

Practicing your Microblading skills on paper is one of the most important things you can do in becoming a great permanent makeup artist. Like any other art form, consistent practice and a good mentor provide the keys to success. 3D Brows Online Microblading Training provides students with the best foundation to kickstarting their career.

Learn more about our renowned Microblading Classes by visiting our website: www.3dbrowsacademy.com

This video is a small sample lesson from 3D Brows Online Training.

If you would like to receive an evaluation of your work, email jared@3dbrowsacademy.com and ask for our “Eyebrow Drawing Strokes Practice Sheet”. After you have completed your hair strokes, email your completed work for a complimentary evaluation.

For more information visit www.3DBrowsAcademy.com and visit our Tips & Tricks page for more microblading tutorial videos.



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