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A Hipster's Guide to Skin Care | Esthetician Adventures

Skincare questions arise when an esthetician is discovered in the crowd. No matter the topic – clogs/blackheads, acne, aging, or sensitivity – everyone has their concerns. And, as I learned one morning at a nearby coffee shop, hipsters are no exception. As I sat down to sip a latte, a young lady with a strong fashion sense approached and began asking for skincare advice. My regimen recommendations were met with protest for either containing chemicals or being mainstream. Confounded by her objections, I decided to reverse course. I asked her to give me a few product suggestions and pointers on how to apply them. This video demonstrates my understanding of a hipster’s at-home facial as described by my new friend

Intro music credit: “In the Lounge 02” by Lars Olvmyr. Courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Background music: “Psychedelic Dirt” by Victor Olsson. Courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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