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Mighty Max Lashes Lizard Geela Guts Doom Zone Playset Review

In the 90’s, we got to see Mighty Max’s lizard Thor get its own playset: Mighty Max Lashes the Lizard, also known as Geela Guts, is a Doom Zone released in the final wave of Mighty Max Toys.

The outside of this playset has some awesome textures and comes with a cool external play feature. Not super common with the Mighty Max Playsets, but by series 3 they were doing some cool stuff. Twist the horn on the lizard’s knee, and it’s tongue flicks out. I think the best thing about the external play features, is seeing how they operate once you get to open the set up.

To start with, we’ll pop the lizard’s head. The eyes are here on stalks, we get to see a bit more of the tongue and get a quick peek into the playset.

Opening it up all the way, Lashes Lizard is divided into two sections. On the top, we can see the lizards ribs and that tongue that creates an obstacle inside the playset.

On the bottom, we have this pit, filled with bones, gunk and the parasites that live within the lizard.

Aise from that flicking tongue, we have two more moving pieces on the bottom. The lizard arm can get opened with this bone piece, exposing the Ulcer Monster, one of the parasites that live within the lizard.

We also have the Parasite King here, forming part of the tail. It’s an evil genie style character that survives down here in the pit of parasites, and the reason Mighty Max’s Lizard grew so large in the comic panel for this Doom Zone.

As it happens right, the Mighty One is chilling at home when suddenly, his lizard grows massive and swallows him. Inside the belly of his reptile friend, Max gets confronted by the Parasite King who sends his Ulcer Monster onto him. It’s an unusual comic strip where, after Max defeats the Ulcer Monster, the Parasite King actually capture Max before he can escape. Instead of Max getting teleported out after a good job, he wakes up.

A Doom Zone based off Mighty Max falling asleep is kind of dumb… But I love the way the comic ties into the final play feature here, if you put Mighty Max down the spine, you can wiggle the tongue piece to dislodge him and watch him drop into the rib cage prison below.

It’s a unique shape, but BlueBird toys did a great job cramming a few action features into the set, including two monsters and a Mighty Max Figure and creating like the perfect complement figure for a bunch of their previous creature themed Doom Zones. I love how this one actually has some of that animal biology throughout the interior, and a cool external play feature as well.

I do think it’s cool how much the playsets and the cartoon started to influence each other by the final wave of the Doom Zones, so having a figure based off Mighty Max’s pet is a great addition, and not an easy Doom Zone to find out there in the wild anymore.


See the full set of images and the comic panel for the figure on the Leftover Culture Review website.


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