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Due to a childhood accident, Guo Fang suffered from severe jaw malocclusion with her jaw line perturbing 17mm. This level of displacement of the jaw causes the mouth to not be able to close properly, and in some cases making it hard for the sufferer to chew food.

First double jaw surgery was performed where to shorten the amount of jaw protrusion to match the upper part of her jaw. Once the right amount has been removed, the jaw is secured with screws and stitches to stay in place in its new position. Through this treatment she will be able to close her mouth properly again and will give her face a nicer over all contour, now that her jaw has been repositioned. To further improve the benefits of the jaw surgery, she also underwent orthodontic treatment to reposition her teeth.

V line surgery was also done which is where excess bone from the jaw and chin is removed and or shaved down. This will also get rid of any perturbing bone left over from her jaw deformity. The Vline surgery compliments the two Jaw surgery well as both procedures help towards achieving a smaller and more feminine looking face.

To finish off, laser lifting was performed. Despite her young age she had some sagging on her face but instead of using an invasive procedure such as liposuction, the surgeon opted for laser lifting. It goes deep down into the skin, able to reduce fat and slim down muscle through the heat it produces. This procedure is perfect for those who want saggy skin lifted and wrinkles removed, but don’t want the down time and recovery that liposuction would need. Since the sagging was not very severe she was a good candidate for this treatment.

Despite the trauma of damaging her face during childhood, Guo Fang is now able to return home feeling like a new person; ready to start her life again.

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