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Oily skin care routine | how to care for oily skin | products to use | home remedy| Dermatologist

oily skin care
oily skin is trouble to a lot of pole. In this video, we tell you what products you can use to reduces the oiliness on your face.
1:15 Face wash
3:38 : scrubs
4:23 : shampoo
5:40 : toner
6:20 face wipes
7:02 : Moisturiser
8:45 : body lotion
9:12 : sunscreen
10:40 : how to control acne
12: 30 anti-aging creams
14:43 : dietary changes to make if you have oily skin
15:43 home remedies.

Link of products :

Acrofy: pharmacy

Rivela gel sunscreen :
UV Doux sunscreen:
Acne UV gel sunscreen:
sunstop silk sunscreen:

Face wash for oily skin :
deep wash face wash: pharmacy
Saslic DS face wash,
Acne vit face wash:
O wash:

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