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Massage Therapy Tutorial: Neck & Shoulder


Nose Up: Massage both sides
1. Align Head, Spinal Traction, Scalp Massage
2. Oil Application: Upper Chest, Around Shoulders, Back of Neck
3. Pressure Points Along Upper Trapezius (top of shoulders)
4. Alternating Trapezius Squeeze
5. Knuckles Back & Forth Shoulder-Tops, and Up Neck
Head to Right: Massage left side
1. Broad Thumb Circles, Cross Fiber
2. Side Sweep Stretch
3. Knuckle Sweep: Down neck & around
4. Knuckles Down Neck: sternocleidomastoid & scalene muscles
5. Deep Tissue Thumb Strips
6. Final Sweep

Head to Left: Massage right side
1. Repeat 1-6 above

Nose Up: Massage Upper Chest & Finish
1. Figure 8 Sweeps
2. Alternating 1/2 Circles Pectoral Muscles
3. Intercostal Pressure Points (standing)
4. Fist Slides Over Pectorals (walk to each side)
5. Final Sweep, Traction, Scalp Massage

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Please consult and follow the recommendations and safety precautions of your physician before following the instructions of this video. By engaging in this YouTube video with Aruna Heather Davis, you agree that you are voluntarily participating, and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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