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This Make Up Artist From China Can Transform Herself Into Anyone

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Chinese Woman Is A โ€˜Human-Chameleonโ€™ That Uses Make Up To Transform Into Anyone She Wants (21 New Pics)

Chinese make-up blogger He Yuhong has the ability to walk through a crowd without ever revealing her true identity, no she’s not one of the Faceless Men on Game of Thrones – just an artist whose talent allows her to transform herself to any famous face. Yuhong, also known as Yuyamaika on Instagram, has amassed 508k followers on her page with mind-blowing transformations such as Mona Lisa and Johnny Depp.

In addition to Instagram, the artist has a huge following on YouTube, where she posts play-by-play videos of her unbelievable metamorphosizes. In the list below we present you with the newest looks from this make-up chameleon.

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