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Is Black the only shade of Mascara you can use?! FAE Beauty Brash Shades

In this video, our content creator Hrithika @thehdose shows you the different Brash shades, swatches and explains how to choose the right Brash shade. Brash is a one of kind unique formula, that can be used as mascara and brow gel. And of course, for your beard and bald spots. Brash is vegan, cruelty-free, buildable and multi-use. Brash has 2 sides to the wand- a longer bristle and a shorter bristle. Either side can be used for lashes and brows its completely up to you. Brsh comes in 3 shades- Jet Black, Charcoal Black and Dark Brown. Jet Black is just as it sounds- a black mascara/brow gel. But if you prefer a feathery-looking brow rather than a thick strong one, you can always use it with a very light hand and apply a few coats for a dramatic lash look. Dark Brown is a great natural colour. Charcoal Black isn’t necessarily grey, it looks lighter on the tube than it does when applied. All 3 shades work well for everyone however a simple guide is your hair colour. Use Dark Brown if you have natural hair colours such as black, dark brown, blonde, red, etc. Use Charcoal Black if you have brightly coloured hair or if you want a simple cool-toned neutral look. Use Jet Black if you want a safe option without having to worry if it’ll suit you or not. If you’re still confused, then just get them all haha. What do you think is your Brash shade? Let us know in the comments #Brash #FAEBeauty #Mascara

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About FAE Beauty:
FAE Beauty (Free and Equal Beauty) is an Indian brand that makes products that are “free and equal”. All our products are PETA certified cruelty-free and vegan and made in India. We bring to you something real and authentic. At FAE, we strongly believe in questioning the status quo. Our hope is to change the way ‘beauty’ is perceived (because, tbh, what even is ‘beauty?’, to pull real people into a conversation that has been reserved for individuals who fit traditional standards of beauty. To cut right to it, we at FAE Beauty conceptualise and create beauty products for everyone.


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